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Orcus 0

Orcus – 2022 – Kitchen Sink Horror

I learned something watching Orcus, or rather after I watched it and started to do some research for this review. To be completely honest with you, I had absolutely no idea what Orcus meant. And it’s funny really, I was making a youtube video the other day where I kinda complained about all movies using the name Hercules from roman mythology even though the name in greek mythology actually is Heracles. And they use greek...

Wrong Place, Wrong Time 0

Wrong Place, Wrong Time – 2021

When you see a movie named WrongPlace, Wrong Time. you really expect that the characters are going down shit creek. I mean, if you actually name the movie that you kinda have to go all in and create a real Hell for those involved. Based on the cover art I got the impression that this was, more or less, a braindead action movie. And It starts out with action to be sure. There is this...