Wrong Place, Wrong Time – 2021

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

When you see a movie named WrongPlace, Wrong Time. you really expect that the characters are going down shit creek. I mean, if you actually name the movie that you kinda have to go all in and create a real Hell for those involved. Based on the cover art I got the impression that this was, more or less, a braindead action movie. And It starts out with action to be sure. There is this gang in a shootout out with some cops. It’s clear that these are a gang of robbers that have recently stolen something and that they are about to flee from the police. It’s kinda bloody and pretty violent. There’s even e scene with a kid getting drenched in blood and that’s something you don’t see every day. There are also some other mysterious scenes that I thought would be about something really deep later in the movie but in hindsight, they just seem out of place.

Anyway, it’s not a big spoiler alert that these robbers get away. Most of them anyway. and when they gather back at their headquarter or what you should call it there’s a new plan. A plan for so much money that they’re guaranteed a billion a head for the job. After some consideration, it doesn’t take that long time, they all agree to go n with it. They realize that they will be hunted down and will have to look over their shoulder for the rest of their lives but it’s still worth it. But since it’s “super”-maffia money they know that they can never resurface to a normal life again. So far Wrong Place, Wrong Time actually makes sense. You could imagine that everything goes south and that they will fail miserably. It still makes sense right?

Sex slaves?

Well, the heist doesn’t go exactly to plan, and when during the getaway they need to take a detour to some old house. Now things starting to get really strange. So strange that I really can’t describe it in a good way without giving away too much. But let’s say that there are people in this old house that seems to be some kind of sex slaves, they’re chained down and don’t move. But then it’s revealed that it’s a house for those escaping from domestic violence and stuff like that. It keeps getting weirder. Why are they chained down? And what is the mystical creature roaming around? It’s kinda hard connecting the prior series of events to this scenario. It seems to be two different movies. One action heist kinda movie and one horror movie.

I don’t think neither is bad really, it’s just a strange combination. I can’t really sort it out. There is definitely an eerie feeling to the latter half of the movie and it’s still as violent and bloody as it was at the beginning. Maybe you can sort it out better than me? Please let me know what you thought about this in the comment section below.

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