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Jump on Board 0

Texas – Jump on Board – 2017

Once upon a time I got one of the earliest albums with Texas. I think it was even the first album they made. Because I liked it so much I soon got all the other albums as well. I noticed that the musical style changed of the years though and Jump On Board is another logical development into the pop area. In the beginning it was more kind of blues rock but that’s long gone....

Jump on Board 0

New album from Texas

The last time Texas release an album was 2 years ago and I completely missed it. All albums prior to that one has a place in my collection. I do, however, feel that the earlier albums suited my testes better. It was more country-pop and blues-rock back then. Texas has since then evolved into something else. Maybe this new album is a step back to the origins. It will be interesting to hear. But I...