Grand Theft Culture – Grand Theft Culture – 2017

Grand Theft CultureGrand Theft Culture releases their début album on june 2nd. I have had plenty of time to listen to it and I must say it has grown on me. At first I wasn’t impressed at all and I thought it was pretty disturbing to listen to. The arrangement and the melodies were just strange and needed a very active listening session to make any sense. In other words this wasn’t easy listening in the least. Since then I feel like the album has evolved. It’s still not easy listening but when I listen to it in my headphones I can concentrate on it better.

It’s somewhere in the grey zone of hardrock and kind of experimental rock I think. There are nice melodies and there are strange arrangements. Almost psychedelic at times. I’m no expert at this kind of music but I have never heard anything like it actually. It sounds like the band and the producer(s) have had lots of fun making it. “How can we make this sound strange? Ok, let’s do it!”.

For me it ends up being a bit to unconventional. I realize some might get a kick out of this. And I would probably get that most of the time too. But this doesn’t quite reach the top for me. I have a tendency to dig début albums extra much but this doesn’t fall under the usual category. It’s not straight forward enough.

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