Unfriended: Dark Web – 2018

Dark Web

Just like the predecessor Unfriended, Dark Web lets us see what’s going on via the computer screen. And this is more or less everything these movies have in common. At least if we take the obvious things, like people dying and someone is hacking the computers of the friends connected to char via skype.

In Dark Web one of them has found a computer at a café and brought it home. There are a few odd things about it though. Ther are hidden files on it and once these have been unhidden they realize that the files on the hard drive shouldn’t be seen by the public. They contain murders and torture in all kinds of horrific ways. Wo actually own this computer? What would ha do to get it back?

The true owner of the computer, apart from being a sadistic killer, is a master hacker of course. He will stop at nothing to get it back and we soon discover that he is part of a network, a circle, that also will punish him for losing the computer in the first case. There’s a lot of stuff going on and I must say that I enjoyed this a bit more than the first movie. It’s more realistic and doesn’t rely on the supernatural to work.

I mean, when have all heard stories about the dark web, a place on the internet where everything is for sale. Everything from drugs to murder. Or as in this case, torture and murder done in specific ways. Ways that the ones who pay the bills order the assassin to perform. If this is true in reality or not remain an argued debate. Some claim it’s true and others say it’s rumors and exaggerations. Who’s to know?

In my mind, there’s no doubt that there are individuals wealthy and sick enough to order twisted pleasure in this way. And that’s what makes it so gruesome, the possibility that this could actually exist and be true to some extent. It’s kinda like Megan is Missing where an individual appears to be nice a friendly but turns out to be a sadistic pervert stopping at nothing to get high on other people’s suffering.

What could actually happen is more frightening than monsters in the closet. I loved this one!

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