Golden Ninja Warrior – 1986 – Meet the red ninja

Golden Ninja WrriorThere are several issues with this flick. First of all there is a battle going on between the golden ninja clan (or something like that) and the red ninjas. The problem is that I only remember the red ninja. Second it’s far to comedic. A comedy ninja flick is kind of a contradiction in my mind. Of course we have flicks like Beverly Hills Ninja with Chris Farley. But that’s a comedy first and a ninja flick second. Here I’m not sure what they tried to do. The story about two fractions fighting over a figurine is ok. Who ever controls the golden ninja warrior figurine controls… something, I’m not sure what to be honest.

But it goes all over the place. At times Golden Ninja Warrior is sort of a softcore semi porno. Well, there is some scenes where full frontal nudity is present and there’s a few topless women here and there. That’s fine, nothing too odd about that. But then we have some of the action scenes. They often starts off by the characters fighting each other in their street clothes and then they just turn around and is dressed i full ninja robes. The added sound effects in the fights are hilarious.

Then we have the secret comedy weapon. Something that always creates a comedic effect. Take the film and speed in up… You realize that I’m ironic of course. This does indeed have a comedic effect in films that are funny to begin with, like the Gods must be crazy. Here it’s just stupid and annoying.

I did expect this to be a more serious film so I’m rather disappointed. It did have its moments but they were too few for me and I’m not sure that the comedy is intentional all the time. Too bad…

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