11 must see cult classics – Have you seen them all?

Cult Classics – Have you seen them all?


Rollerball – (1975) Do you remember a few years ago when the remake was released? Did you see it? I did, unfortunatly! It has nothing the original 1975 movie had. The older version of the film is a poltitical stance against a futuristic dystopial society not unlike the koncept of The Runnning Man. If you haven’t seen this one starring James Caan you should do something about it!

Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue – (1970) Candice Bergen was great in this! As the title implies it’s about some of the horrors done to the indians in the early history of America. Buffy Sainte Marie wrote and sand the title track. It’s reagarded as a very bloody and violent film and the original 135 minute print was only test screen once. It was then obvious that a heavy cut was needed for it to be released.

High Heels

High Heels aka To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar – (1995) There are a few movies with men dressing as women that really get away with it. The most famous ones ought to be Tootsie and Mrs Doubtfire, starring Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams accordingly. Great performances no doubt. This is another movie which explore the theme. Starring John Leuizamo, Patrcik Swayze and… what for it… Wesley Snipes! All three does an amazing job beeing feminine transvestites. This is a true must see movie!

This is Spinal Tap

This is Spinal Tap – (1984) I have seen a few movies made by Rob Reiner and the guy definatly has a talent. Movies like When Harry met Sally, The Bucket List and Stand by me shoould be enough proof for that. This one is co-written by Reiner and the main cast: Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer. It is a brilliant take on an aging rock ‘n roll band starting to lose it. Spinal Tap is a made up band of course but in the movies they have more or less been the greatest band in history. This is their story. And..psst… there are a couple of albums out there as well. I urge you to check out Break like the Wind!

New Gladiators

The New Gladiators aka The Fighting Centurions aka Rome,  A.D. – (1984) Not that different from Rollerball actually! Kind of the same consept, contenders more or less forced to take part of a grim game while the TV-company and/or goverments cash in on the success. When it get to the contenders attention that all is far from fair play they revolt but not without the attenton of their employer – the TV-company. It’s a violent game taking place – with mototcycles!

Killer Clowns from Outer Space

Killer Klowns from Outer Space – (1988) This hillarious movie seems to have a solid fanbase. It’s kind of ridiculous but still, it doesn’t take itself to serious so its ok I guess. Some alien species comes to earth and they look just like Clowns. In their wepon arsenal they have popcorn guns and other comedic stuff. John Vernon does a part in it but apart from that it’s pretty much non famous actors. A fun movie to say the least!

Voyage of the Rock Aliens

Voyage of the Rock Aliens – (1984) Another film with aliens in it. It also features a music video with Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the movie. But the flick revolves around music of course. The main plaot is about this music competion where the aliens and the human compete with each other. This movie kind of suck but it does have charm and the premises are so hillarious that bad actually turns into good. Or at least entertaining!

Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China – (1986) Let’s face it. The concept of what is a cult film and what is not is open på argumentation. I had som help with ideas for this list and I disqualified most of the suggestions I got. I cannot truthfully say that this is a 100 % genuine cult classic either but at least it pays hommage to one and it’s a very entertaining film. One of my favorites actually! It deals with Chinese magic, Kung Fu, legends and even pays hommage to the Lone Wolf and Cub series. All directed by master John Carpenter!

Violent Shit

Violent Shit – (1989) It’s a bit strange including this horrible movie in a must-see list. But as a matter of fact, even if it’s anything but good there is still a point in seeing it. There’s a fanbase for bad movies too and as such you have to see this. I don’t really know where to start describing it. One would think that the gore in a movie that base its plot around a guy walking around and kill people would be the best asset in the film. But there are NO good assets in this. It’s just plain horrible!

Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos – (1972) The tagline is “an exercise in poor taste” and that’s excatly what it is! If you’re familiar with John Waters movie making you know that his style usually provokes the audience in some way or another. This takes that a few steps further than any other movie that he has made. I can’t even begin with describing all the things happening in this movie. Well… Accually I can. But I shouldn’t.. Ok then. In the final scen Divine, the lead (transvestite) actor/actress, eats dog poo. See it at your own risk!


Besökarna aka The Visitors – (1988) Was without a DVD release for many years before I started a petition for its release. I didn’t think it would do any good and perhaps it had nothing to do with the petition, but it’s now on DVD and that’s what counts. It’s about this family that moves into a new house where something mysterious is happening. The wallpaper falls down again and again, a door opens by itself. Is it just an old house or does something else live there with them?

That’s it! Eleven cult classics you must see has come to an end. If you liked this list please comment. If you didn’t like it and have other thoughts please comment as well. I need your feedback!

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