Daxx & Roxane – Ticket to Rock – 2017

Daxx & RoxaneI don’t much about this band Daxx & Roxane. Of course if I used google I figure I would find som hits on them. I can even find me on google so I guess anything is possible. What I figure out is that they’re from Switzerland and that they were formed in 2009. But I don’t really care when they were formed. What matters is the music and how it’s delivered. As far as I’m concerned this is nicely performed. The feel is a bit on the 70’s side.

It’s always hard to compare music from one band to other bands. They usually have influences from all over and to nail their sound to just a couple of influences is very hard. I was about to name Kiss here but I changed my mind. Daxx & Roxane is so much better than Kiss was most of the time. Of course it’s an unfair comparison since Daxx & Roxane only existed for a few years and Kiss put out records in the early 70’s. Of course hade a couple of great songs in that perspective. But if you do an estimate on average quality Daxx & Roxanne comes out as winner. This is classic hardrock and very nice to listen to.

I don’t think it’s an album that will be remembered by history though. It’s a bit too mediocre for that. But although I have played this for several weeks since  first got it and I’m not tired of it yet. I think that this band would be very nice as a live act. I’m too old for live concerts but I think I could make an exception for this band under the right circumstances.

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