The Night Flight Orcestra – Amber Galactic – 2017

Amber GalacticI was recommended the Night Flight orchestra’s latest album Amber Galactic by a friend. I usually like to explore albums that I know nothing about. When I’m recommended it from a friend that share my tastes in music it’s even more interesting. I was told it was a Swedish band from the south of Sweden – Helsingborg. Not that such things really matter but some parts of Sweden has a higher rate of bands per capita than others.

So, what to expect? Well, I really liked Amber Galactic even the first time I heard it. I could tell that this was something extra ordinary. The Night Flight Orchestra has put out a couple of albums before too so they’re no beginners in the music business. From what I can hear it’s very well performed hard rock and as such the singer is very important for the listening experience. That is something that too often ruins the experience.

Therefor i was so glad to discover that the singer Björn Strid is very good. He has power to put behind the lyrics and his voice got soul in it. It’s very pleasing to hear actually. Music-wise it’s very good also. I like that not all the tracks has the same sound. For the most part it’s straight forward hard rock, but there’s som influences of punk rock and classic rock in there as well. At some point it sounds almost like Thin Lizzy. Amber Galactic was a very nice experience and I feel that I must explore their previous albums as well. Highly recommended hard rock band!

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