Last Trip – 2018

Last TripI got this film – Last Trip – sent to me for review. It’s the greatest thing when this happens since I can get to see something I wouldn’t watch otherwise. It can be almost anything, I really don’t care. I’ve gotten everything from extreme horror flicks to comedies over the years. I like alternate movies just like I’m fond of every other genre. Often I think it’s more interesting with the independent films. They don’t have a huge budget behind them and the filmmakers have to use their skills to make as much out of it as possible. Even if there’s a shoestring budget.

In the case of Last Trip I have no idea how big the budget was but I guess it wasn’t very big. You can usually tell from the cinematography if it looks “amateurish” or not. I can’t really pinpoint what it is about it but something looks cheap. This is usually more obvious than acting skills or special effects. The latter is probably better in most low-budget films than in blockbusters anyway. Anyway, I started by watching the trailer for the movie. I got that as well as the movie in my mail. I’ll be honest, based on the trailer I wouldn’t take the time to see this short movie. It just doesn’t appeal to me and you have that feel to the cinematography that I mentioned before.

But I promised and trailer have been misleading before so I put on the main feature (it’s a short with a duration of about 25 minutes). Short movies are sometimes harder to get a grip on because you cannot put as much info in there as a full-length movie. If you do, it would be so packed with information that you couldn’t sort anything out anyway. So, in that sense, I’m glad that the length was closer to half an hour than five minutes. And I’m also very glad I didn’t get discouraged by the trailer because this was actually a really funny little film. It’s about this boy taking this girl on a camping trip to impress on her. There’s alcohol and some uninvited “friends” too. On top of that a couple of rednecks turn up with, should we say, with malice intentions.

I love the way it makes fun of the horror camping genre. The filmmakers of Last Trip obviously knows the main ingredients of such a film and uses comedy to exaggerate the situation. Sure, there’s a little bit of overacting at times. But in some weird way, I think this is actually the way it was meant to be. I don’t see any problems with it. In my way of seeing it, I see it as a part of the parody. I was immensely entertained the whole duration of the film. The acting was actually pretty good for the most part. And all involved parties seemed to be very serious about their contribution. I’m glad I got to see this one!



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