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Arena 0

Arena – 1989 – Sci-fi monster classic

Maybe you haven’t heard about this movie Arena? I think it’s quite forgotten and it’s certainly acquired taste. For me it was entertaining to watch, I didn’t find it amazing but I would conclude that this type of movie couldn’t have been made today. The effects and monsters are practical, no CGI. For me, that’s a huge plus. I don’t really mind CGI when it’s well done for that matter but the computer-generated effects seldom...

Black Mama, White Mama 0

Black Mama, White Mama – 1973 – boobies and prison

There are so many movies, so little time. With that said I can also confess that I didn’t see Black Mama, White Mama prior to this. It was my first experience with it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen any films with Pam Grier before. I might be wrong of course since my memory isn’t was it used to be. But it doesn’t matter anyway. Black Mama, White Mama remains a cult classic regardless...