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Red Notice – 2021 – Oneliners and action + some heist

Red Notice is one of those movies where you get exactly what you expect! If you’ve seen a few movies with Ryan Reynolds you know what kind of one-liners movies he’s usually in and you know that Dwayne Johnson is usually in big productions. If you combine these two elements you get Red Notice. It’s big and it’s loud but also very funny. At least that’s true for me! But If you’re not a fan...

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Rampage: Big Meets Bigger – 2018

Rampage is one of those movies that looks really cool on the outside before you start to watch it. It looks stone-cold, to be honest. Dwayne Johnson looks tough and the animals, especially the gorilla look awesome! It’s hard to say if it will be a totally awesome action movie or kinda an adventurous movie aimed at younger audiences. That is before you see the actual movie. It is a little bit too ridiculous for...