Mythica – Godslayer – 2016


This is the fifth Mythica movie. I have previously written about the other here. As far as I know, this is the final film in the series and it makes sense. The ending is logical and falls well inside the fantasy sphere. You know the constant struggle between good and evil. There’s a definite ending awaiting here. Of course, if the money is right, the industry could revive the story and squeeze out another part. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen. This is a few years old now and there is, as I said, a definite end.

With the series in hindsight, it’s no surprise that there are ups and downs, some parts are better than others. I would consider that an axiom in any case. The strange thing is that it doesn’t start out on top and gets worse and worse for every part that’s made. In fact, this is the best part of them all in my mind. Now we know all the backstories and we can focus on the main plot. We don’t need any subplots anymore, now it’s time to tell the ending of the story. There’s no need for a cliffhanger or some mysterious plot twist to produce yet another part.

I also feel that this might be the most adult movie of them all. Of course, with that, I don’t mean “Adult” but you got that already, didn’t you? I just mean that there’s a less late teen feel to it. But maybe all fantasy has an element of youth in them. The adventures part might be aimed more at the young than old guys like me. I don’t care of course. Why should anyone care which audience art is made for? The important thing is if you enjoy it or not. I enjoy fantasy flicks regardless of which audience it was intentionally aimed for.

This is a dark tale and with answers that you might already have guess part of. There’s no real surprises. I think you know who finally wins the battle of good vs evil, but you might not know all the turns it takes to get there. Maybe that’s the real essence, not what the movies are all about but how they are about it? The form is more important than the content. That is something I consider to be true from time to time and this is such an occasion. There is just the right amount of darkness and just the right amount of magic. There is just the right amount of adventure and just the right amount of characters. This is a film series that works and this part is the best of them all!

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