Mythica – A Quest for Heroes – 2014


I’m a real Fantasy nerd. The problem is, that there are very few Fantasy movies out there that are any good. At least if you ignore movies where the obvious target is an audience in the early teens. That is of course in the eye of the beholder but I think you can “feel” the difference. The adventure series Xena and Hercules belong in the early teen category while Willow does not. That’s my opinion of course. With that said, I wouldn’t say that Mythica belongs totally outside of the early teens’ category. And not inside it either. It’s adult enough to be of real interest to me. And furthermore, there are several movies in the series.

Already at the very beginning of the movie, the mood of the film is set. There are magic and creatures that are not of the natural world. I think this is very important. There’s a difference between Fantasy and Adventure in that sense. I’m not saying that an evil queen or king is mandatory in a fantasy story but if there’s no magic involved at all it becomes more a straight forward adventure flick in my mind. Mythica contains these elements already at the beginning. Plus that there really is the classic invasion of the kingdom. Someone evil, if they’re royal och just warlocks and wizards doesn’t really matter. The Important thing is that there is a clear line between good and evil.

I haven’t really researched it, but I believe that the Mythica series is based on a series of books. Which means that there’s a universe built already. That, in turn, means that we can count on that the story in this first movie continues in the next in some form. This movie starts with the premise that the old king or wizard of the “good” kingdom sends away his daughter with some crystals. These are not to fall into the wrong hands as it could mean the end om humanity. At least I think it’s his daughter but again, the important thing is that someone attempts to keep the crystals safe from evil.

We have already met the main character of the story. Don’t pay too much attention to Kevin Sorbros name, his screentime is very sparse, at least in this first movie. Maybe he will be more prominent later. Anyway, the main character Mare is a very interesting one. She tries to learn magic but doesn’t really get the hang of it. Not until her life is threatened. Ten her power seems to bloom out and she becomes very powerful. Of course, she can’t understand how she did it. But I bet, the later flick will investigate this further.

All we have to know at this point is that Marek is a crippled slave that runs away from her master to form an adventure team. Now if we take both of there stories and combine them we get the premises of this film. One girl is running from a fallen kingdom with some magical crystals while a team of adventures are about to go on an adventure. Do you think their path will cross? Yes, you are correct!

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