In Memoriam – Terry Jones – 1942-2020

Terry Jones has left us. I’m saddened but comedians are not allowed to let us mourn them. The show must go on and not even in death can the show not go on. Terry was, of course, part of the great gang of Monty Python but I would say he’s the one member that’s least recognizable as being a Monty Python. He was great in every skit and all that but he’s personality wasn’t that excentric as John Cleese and Eric Idle for instance.

For me, I connect him with writing rather than performing but that’s to limit his influence on as an entertainer. Ironically I remember him best as a woman in Monty Python skits. I think most of the members play old yelling women from time to time but Terry Jones made a real hag. And he made it funny!

Terry Jones in Meaning of Life

I can honestly say that I don’t know much about what he did after Python, but a quick search tells me that he was quite active as a writer and director. He wrote numerous books, both fictional and historical. Apparently he had a great interest in medieval times and wrote a few books on the subject.

A few years ago he got diagnosed with dementia and eventually lost the ability to communicate. That much be hell for a person who spends a lifetime communicating with an audience in different ways. I hope he will have a great time with Graham Chapman, wherever they are now…

Terry Jones was 77 years old. Rest in Peace.

Tommy Snöberg Söderberg

Autodidact film scholar and music-loving thinker who reads the occasional book.

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