Incident in a Ghostland – 2018 – This one messes with you!

GhostlandIncident in a Ghostland messes with you! I thought I had this flick figured out multiple times during my session with it. Each time, up until the very end, I was wrong though. I had to think over and accept the fact that I’m not as smart as I thought I was. First off, I thought this would be a film about ghosts in a conventional sense. It isn’t! I don’t think that is a giveaway as it’s obviously very early on. I won’t go into any details though. Because I cannot dissect and analyze the plot in a way that would be necessary without giving away the entire twist. Of course, there are numerous twists in Ghostland. After all, that’s what has me fool time after time.

Once you have all the answers it all makes sense though. The timeline, which seems confusing at first is perfectly natural. There are details along the way that might not mean so much when they’re planted but have great importance when it all gets wrapped together. For me, this was something unexpected, something that I couldn’t figure out the end of after a couple of minutes. As such, this is a very good film.  I like the acting and the make-up effects are really good!

Since Pascal Laugier both wrote and directed Ghostland it’s not far-fetched to think that he got the film exactly the way he wanted it. That’s what I think anyway. I liked it a lot. Not for the gore or for anything visual, although there are a few nasty sights in there. But for the total confusion, it brings. I say that in an all positive way. I love movies that mess with your mind. This is such a movie!

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