Megadeth – Dystopia – 2016

Megadeth DystopiaMegadeth has been pretty uneven over the years. In earlier years they performed fast thrash metal but in recent years they have slowed down quite a bit. Personally, I like both styles depending on my mood. The important thing is that the riffs are good and that the melodies are nice. Megadeth seems to manage this pretty well over the years. I don’t feel like Dave Mustaine has sold his soul to commercialism as some other bands in the big four. He still writes music like he wants it to sound not to be commercial. That’s my opinion of course. Dystopia is among their better albums.

Since Megadeth is uneven you never know what to expect. Sometimes you get disappointed and sometimes, like with Dystopia, you get the opposite feeling. I like this a lot and think this is one of their best albums since Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia. Two albums I both consider to be masterpieces.

Lyric-wise you recognize Megadeth most of the time and Dystopia isn’t an exception. The lyrics are often political and take a position. It’s not hard to understand Dave Mustaine’s point of view. I don’t care if he has found Jesus and become a born-again Christian. Nice for him of course but the lyrics are as sharp as ever. Maybe they’re even sharper than before consider is new Christianity. I don’t know, I don’t judge. I like what I hear that’s the main thing. This is a really good album!

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