Roger Moore passed away at age 89

Roger MooreWhen I grew up there was a constant debate on who was the “real” James Bond. At this time there were mainly two actors that had played the character. Roger Moore and Sean Connery. One of them was the “true” James Bond and the other was not. I was in Roger Moore’s team. Not necessarily because he was a better actor or anything but the movies were funnier. There were more humor in the Bond flick with Roger Moore compared to the ones with Sean Connery, that’s a fact! We can of course argue if that is a good thing or not but at that time I thought it was.

Apart from playing the british agent he was also famous for a TV series called the Saint where he played Simon Templar.  I haven’t seen much of this series I’m afraid but I know that Simon drove a white Volvo (model: P-1800) in it. The series itself is a typical action-adventure series with Roger Moore as the (anti)hero. There was also the series The Persuaders which he co-starred with Tony Curtis.

In later years he was the good-will ambassador from UNICEF, was knighted by the british queen and received many awards for his humanitarian work. I think that is the way to remember him. As a man who would give back what has once been given to him.

Rest in peace Roger Moore, 1927-2017

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