In Memoriam – Chuck Berry – 1926-2017

Chuck BerryWe all knew this day would come, the day when Rock n’ Roll pioneer Chuck Berry wouldn’t be with us anymore. Still, there’s a great deal of denial when we hear that our heroes pass away. In Chuck Berry’s case you can’t really say that he passed before his time though. The Rock n’ Roll Pioneer was 90 years old and still going string it seems. On his 90th birthday he announced that a new album was coming out, 38 years after his last one. I guess that will sell out now. I know tha I’ll have to have it!

Chuck Berry was in jail three times during his life and he didn’t live the life of a saint. He was a true rock n’ roller and lived his life on the edge it seems. He received numerous award during his lifetime and he wrote some of the greatest rock n’ roll songs of all time. For me, the greatest song ever is Johnny B. Goode and I also had the pleasure of seeing him live once in my youth. I think I was about 18 or 20 years old at the time. It’s still the concert I’m most proud to have attended.

To this day I don’t have a single studio album with Chuck Berry. I have a few singles and a load of compilations. I feel that you come a long way with that. I’m sure there are much more to discover music-wise when it comes to the true pioneer of Rock n’ Roll and I’m sure that heaven just became a better place. Chuck Berry died but will still live for ever just like legends do!

Chuck Berry was 90 years old. Rest in Peace!

Chuck Berry

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