Satan’s School for Girls – 1973 – a little gem

Satan's School for GirlsAlready in the opening scenes, I noticed that this would be something special. There were no big things, just subtle little details that separate scary moments from ridicules ones. Satan’s School for Girls is delivered on the right side of suspense and mysticism. We don’t already know what will happen next and who/what is behind the schemes. There are definitely some red herrings in there.

As the title suggests, the Devil has something to do with the plot. It’s not really obvious, but it’s there. Satan’s School for girls also hs slasher ingredients. At least when it comes to the survival of the last victim. She, it’s always a female, isn’t it? (There are actual cases when it’s not in a couple of movies) She finds other victims when she’s running from the terror she’s exposed to. I think that is very slasher-ish.

I don’t know what more to tell you about this. The acting isn’t bad but it’s also nothing extravagant. The story is enough occult to make it interesting and the ending is cheezy enough to satisfy most cheez-buffs. In other words, this a true cult classic that you really want to see if your into that kind of stuff. It’s beautiful, cheezy and cult-ish all at the same time. I really liked it a lot.

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