Mythica – The Iron Crown – 2016


You can tell that the plot really thickens in this fourth movie about Mythica. The evil Necromancer get’s even more powerful and a lot of other stuff going on makes it obvious that we near the end of the story. As has also been the case before, part four continues more or less where part three left off. I still won’t give away some of the major events in the previous film if you for some reason reads this before you have seen the other films. But there are pretty big plot changes for this one.

The gang comes over the final piece of the Darkspore but is also hunted by three demons who seem virtually impossible to kill. Furthermore, they are also hunted by elite mercenaries sent after them because Marek and the gang previously have failed to keep the Darkspore from Szorlock. And…after they conquer and steal a steam-powered battlewagon they are also caused by the previous owner.

In my mind, this is the least adult fantasy movie in the series so far. It’s still pretty enjoyable but I feel that the premises have changed a bit. It’s more humor than before and also a lot more cartoonish characters. The quest for finding the Iron Crown is pretty good though. Now we need to wander to another dimension in the search for it. The heroes eventually learn the true location though. Which leaves Marek facing an impossible choice to make. The price is high, even hight than any choice that she’s made before.

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