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Mythica – Godslayer – 2016

This is the fifth Mythica movie. I have previously written about the other here. As far as I know, this is the final film in the series and it makes sense. The ending is logical and falls well inside the fantasy sphere. You know the constant struggle between good and evil. There’s a definite ending awaiting here. Of course, if the money is right, the industry could revive the story and squeeze out another part....

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Mythica – The Iron Crown – 2016

You can tell that the plot really thickens in this fourth movie about Mythica. The evil Necromancer get’s even more powerful and a lot of other stuff going on makes it obvious that we near the end of the story. As has also been the case before, part four continues more or less where part three left off. I still won’t give away some of the major events in the previous film if you for...

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Mythica – A Quest for Heroes – 2014

I’m a real Fantasy nerd. The problem is, that there are very few Fantasy movies out there that are any good. At least if you ignore movies where the obvious target is an audience in the early teens. That is of course in the eye of the beholder but I think you can “feel” the difference. The adventure series Xena and Hercules belong in the early teen category while Willow does not. That’s my opinion...