Tom & Jerry: Spy Quest – 2015

I’ve loved Tom & Jerry since I was a little kid. There were not on Swedish television that suited small children and we only had two channels when I grew up so you kinda had to take the chance when you got one. Nowadays there’s as much to watch as you like. Too much actually. But, the Tom & Jerry I watched in my childhood was always shorts. Tom, the cat, chased after Jerry the mouse and tried to catch him. Great fun! Pretty sadistic violence and lots of slapstick really. So, the other day I decided to watch something newer and I came across Spy Quest. I knew that Tom & Jerry weren’t really enemies anymore but I had never seen a longer film than a few minutes. Absolutely not a film with a real plot and other characters that weren’t animals.

To me, it was not really the same as watching the old shorts from my childhood. There was still some violence and Tom, the poor cat, still get the bitter end of it. There are some occasions when Jerry gets beat too but not nearly as much. The little guy should always be the clever one and the one that you feel the most sympathy for. The plot itself is quite boring and to be honest it’s the violent slapstick you watch these for. There could have been more of that for sure. But still a kind of nostalgic experience. Still the same, but different.

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