Jack Russell’s Great White – He Saw it Comin’ – 2017

He saw it comin'Once upon a time I listened to a band called Great White. I have long since them forgot all about them untill I got my hands om He Saw it Comin’. My belief was that Jack Russell’s Great White was actually the same band. I have, however discovered that this isn’t the case. When the former Great White singer Jack Russell started use the name for his solo band the other members took the matter to court. Jack Russell then lost the right to use the name but the original members leased the name to him. That’s what I learned anyway.

Musically we can place He Saw it Comin’ somewhere between REO Speedwagon and Bare Naked Ladies. It tool me a few time before I realized what a great album it is. At first I thought it was a little weak and “light”. Kind of fake hardrock or whatever you can call it. But then I realized that the different styles on He Saw it Comin’ was a great asset for the album. This isn’t the typical hardrock album. There are some sections of other music in the rhythms here. I can hear reggae style and some other atypical styles on a hardrock/rock album. Very cool approach indeed.

Jack Russell is a great singer. I really like his voice. He makes this album great. I guess you can say it’s mainly his doing since the vocals is the base och this album. Not strange since this is a singers band rather than a group of friends doing a career together. I like it a lot and hope to hear more from Jack Russell in the future. I won’t miss it!

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