Aimee Mann – 2017 – Mental Illness

Mental IllnessWhen I first started listen to Mental Illness with the sole purpose to review it I wasn’t very impressed. I thought it was slow and not very energizing. Now I realize that this was never the purpose anyway. On the contrary, this is a very soothing album. I’ve raised it several steps on the rating scale since I first started listening to it. Now I find it really good. It took me a while before I realized it but that you have it. Even a Metal Head like me might find comfort in laid back folk-music from time to time. As a matter a fact, I’ve always liked music like this but I felt that Aimee Manns voice was a little to annoying.

But that was then, this is now! Mental Illness has made me open my eyes. I want to explore more with Aimee Mann now. And as you all now, a slow starter wins at the end. Music that speaks to you from the very beginning usually doesn’t last. Mental Illness is the opposite. It goes from annoying to something I’ve listened to many many times now.

As I said, the music is very laid back. I would like to says that there’s not even a drum track but that would be a lie. It is autistic though. At least to the most part. There are piano and some background vocals, some guitar and occasional drums. And the lead vocal track of course. I’ve learned my lesson, I will not dismiss an album too early ever again.

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