Thor: Ragnarok – 2017 – Another piece of Marvel

Thor: RagnarokThor: Ragnarok is the third installment in the series. That means that even people like me, that barely saw the comic with this hero, knows a bit of the story and characters. As a Swede, I know a thing or two about Norse mythology though. But I guess that’s really no benefit since they have changed quite a few things in these films. Of course, the main hierarchy is still there. In other words, Odin is still the father of Thor and still misses one eye. And there’s the hammer of Thor of course. A symbol that now is considered to be related to racism and/or white power by some people. Personally, I don’t get the symbolism but that’s another story.

As a film, Thor: Ragnarok is full och action just like the other two films. It’s also full of comedy. Way too much so if you ask me. I don’t mind the occasional joke. But I think that making it so full of silliness and slapstick jokes is a terrible idea. It might be that I’m getting too old for this, but it’s also obvious that the moviemakers are aiming for a younger audience. For me, it just ain’t funny. I did get more forgiving the closer to the end the film came through. It’s still ridiculous but I get kinda brainwashed after a while. I even laughed a few times at the horrible jokes.

A few positive things about it though. Dr. Strange appears in the movie and I really like that character. The Hulk is also in it. He’s got a pretty big part and is quite funny. I realize that this wouldn’t have worked if the whole movie didn’t have that humorous tone, to begin with. The mythological parts a lesser in Thor: Ragnarok than in the previous films. The plot feels pretty forced and is there only to squeeze in as much action as possible. Luckily, I like films about superheroes. Maybe that’s why I could give this such a relatively good rating after all.

If you know your mythology, you know that Ragnarok is more or less the end of the world. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the antagonists are so powerful. To be able to end the world is quite a challenge for any super being. That’s what I think anyway. Well, you’ll have to see what happens. It might not end just like you think. And…see it to the end. There’s more going on that you’ll miss if you turn it off too soon!

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