Stonehenge Apocalypse – 2010

Stonehenge Apocalypse

I’ve always been fascinated by mystic places and things that mankind can’t explain. It might be mythical places like Shangri-La or ancient cities in South America. Of course, Stonehenge is no exception. Why are those stones there? Who put them there? How did they manage to move the enormous blocks from so far away? I’ve also always been fascinated by disaster movies and Sci-Fi. Som when these premises are combined in the same movie it sure raises my interest. Stonehenge Apocalypse becomes something quite interesting in my mind. I realize of course that this will be a rather unrealistic movie even before it starts. But I don’t care. Everything works in the cinematic universe! There’s a logic of its own in these movies.

It’s no surprise that Stonehenge Apocalypse follows the same formula that most of these disaster movies do. And that’s regardless if they fall into the category of world-wide disasters as this one does or the more localized jerry-building ones where someone’s profit seems to be the driving force. In both cases, someone is denying that there is a problem, and some untrustworthy scientists or engineers are sitting one the solution. Nobody believes him of course. In Stonehenge Apocalypse, some strange energy anomaly is happening and the very site where the stones are placed and the consequences are spread all over the world.

There’s something going on at Stonehenge

As I said, there’s always one guy or a group of people that has all the answers but they are considered lunatics, and their ideas cannot be taken serious. At least not until the very end. This we already know when the first few minutes are playing. We know who the hero will be and we know that he will save the world. In the nick of time of course.

So why is this entertaining? Well, it’s hard to say. The story is as far fetched as usual and the acting is on par with the average global disaster movie. To be honest Stonehenge Apocalypse won’t get any prizes and there are a lot of mistakes throughout the movie. Steering Wheels on the wrong side of the cars, misspelling, and other confusions between British and American differences. Stonehenge is located in Britain and not in the US. But I don’t care. I find the sci-fi explanation to everything happening is an entertaining one. Stonehenge is a huge machine build by some ancient civilization and is connected to places all over the world.

I don’t really care that the stone obviously isn’t filmed on-site either. It’s just cool that there is an energy source that connected globally and that the stones move… I’m not trying to be ironic or sarcastic here. I think it looks cool even if it’s obviously is done with a computer. All in all, it’s a little entertaining movie that you don’t have to take too seriously. it’s all in good fun!

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