The Real Omen – 666 Revealed – 2006

666 revealedWhen I first got this movie many years ago I thought it was a documentary based on the Omen films.It is a very misleading cover though. The Omen has nothing what so ever to do with this documentary. Instead 666 Revealed focus on a handful of serial killers that all have been born on the date of a Satanic Ceremony of some kind. Hence it is argued that these serial killer could be the offspring of Satan. There are some background of Satanism. A short mention of Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey and their thoughts. Then a few facts about these serial killers.

There isn’t really more to say about 666 Revealed. That’s about it! Are you interested in serial killers and you are a beginner, then this is the film for you. If you’re already familiar with Albert Fish, Andrei Chikatilo, David Berkowitz and a couple more than you might think that this is a bit to shallow. I Personally would have like a little more information. This is on a very general level.

With that said, 666 Revealed is an ok documentary. You might have fun watching it once.

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