Kong: Skull Island – 2017 – Does size matter?

Kong Skulle IslandI totally missed this one. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago, when I visited Denmark, that I saw the movie poster. I said to myself that I need to see this. This task is now done! Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman are the most famous actors in Kong: Skull Island. At least in my mind. They do a good job with what they have to work with. I think the script is pretty sparse and that they use Kong for an excuse to sell the movie to the audience. The plot is cartoonish and very uneven. Sometimes it’s pretty descent and sometimes it’s tedious.

Compared to all other King Kong adaptions the apes size is huge. It works but I guess I would prefer a more “normal” sized Kong. But on the other hand, all other creatures on the Island are equally huge so it works anyway. Because Kong: Skull Island is inhabited with all kinds of creatures. Most of them are just a larger version or a natural species but not all. I wish they had made all of the creatures this way, because the more imaginative creatures doesn’t look that good.

The pace of Kong: Skull Island is very uneven. I’m not a person that need high pace all the time but if you’re going to make a movie based on a well know creature like Kong. You need to either go all in with action or add some interesting storyline. Kong: Skull Island has neither. Too bad as I really wanted this to be a hit. Based on the ending there is an opening for a sequal. Maybe this will be better. Maybe Godzilla or King Ghidora will be in that? That would be cool!

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