Nocean – Diamond – 2017

DiamondI reviewed Nocean once before I think. It was on another blog and another language though. I don’t remember much from my experience back then but I think I liked it pretty much. Therefore I was interested when I learned that Noceans new album Diamond was gonna be released on December 1st, 2017. This could be something for Christmas was my thoughts.

But I don’t like it that much. I mean, it’s ok and it has everything you can ask for really. It’s just not really my kind of music. What kind of music is “my kind of music” you wonder? That is a really hard question and it differs from time to time too. Most of the time, if we’re talking rock and hard rock terms, I like classic riffs from the guitars. Short musical patterns that repeat themselves and make the songs recognizable. Diamond doesn’t have that in my mind. Of course, there’s guitars and all that but I think the songs a based around the vocals more.

That’s fine I guess but I don’t like the melodies. They aren’t melodic enough for me. It remains a real forgettable album for me and even immediately after I listen to the songs I can’t remember them. Some music works anyway but for this kind of rock/hard rock, I need lots of melodies to keep interest.

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