Smokey and the Bandit – 1977 – Car Chase Classic

Smokey and the banditAll my life I thought that it was actually the sequel to this I saw in the cinema. But when I watched this (and the sequel) I realized that this was the one I saw. I don’t remember much but some fragments are clear. Smokey and the Bandit are a high speed action comedy where car chases are the theme. It’s not the kind of movie I usually like but this is pretty entertaining.

Burt Reynolds does the lead part as the bandit, I’m not sure why he’s called that. But it’s explained in the movie that he has done some crazy things in the past. Or something like that. In any case, he is the one that are supposed to get a truck load of beer delivered on time. That takes us across the country and by doing that we also meet this crazy cop.

I don’t think he’s that vindictive to begin with but the bandit taunts him a bit and his pride cannot let the bandit get away. There is also the fact that the bride of the cops son has run away and is now riding with the bandit. This cop cannot stand being that humiliated.

Smokey and the bandit Smokey and the bandit

The humor in Smokey and the bandit is kind of slapstick. Especially if you look at the police car that get more and more demolished for each encounter with the bandit. Maybe the best comparison is with the cartoons, Smokey and the bandit is more or less a live action version of Roadrunner. The cop will never outsmart and catch the bandit.

It’s entertaining movie for sure. It’s not very good really but it is as funny as it is dumb.

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