Venom – Welcome to Hell – 1981

Welcome to Hell

Not at all bad and Welcome to Hell is an interesting piece of Venom history. Add to that, that they may have the coolest logo ever! My personal opinion of course but I really love this album cover. But even if itä’s not musically bad in any way, the sound quality is so bad it’s almost painful to listen to it. Ok, it was made in the early ’80’ and it was legendary recorded in three days. Probably no budget at all to talk about so I guess it has it’s an explanation. But still, it’s hard to enjoy the music when it’s hard to hear what’s going on. I remember an anecdote from my youth, I don’t know if it was about this particular album but there was a discussion going on as to whether Cronon, Mantas, Abaddon was really good musicians or not. One side of the discussion argument that it was impossible since the music was so bad. But the other side claimed that they could be great musicians despite playing awful music! I don’t know how the skills of these musicians were in comparison to other musicians at the time. But I sure know which side of the argument has my vote!

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